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Album art for Our Animal Companions; dolphins swimming in the ocean with album text

Key Ideas

Metatron speaks on our animal companions, their roles in our lives, why they are with us, and what they have to offer. He touches briefly on dolphins and whales. A lovely tribute to our animal friends, with information we can use here and now to relate to our world in more whole and loving ways.

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Our animal companions have a lot to offer!

The 2008 evening on cats and dogs was such a big hit that I decided to ask for more information.

In this evening, Metatron addressed the topic of the animal kingdom in general and how animals relate to us spiritually. Metatron provided information on why our cats, dogs, and other animal companions are with us (it isn't just for one reason).

He also touched briefly on dolphins and whales, speaking of their natures and their roles on this planet.

The information presented this evening went far beyond that of animals, though, reaching into the realm of the roles we humans also play.

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Us and Them
  3. Helpful Companions
  4. Evolving in the Direction of Love
  5. The Uniqueness of All
  6. Dolphins
  7. The Purpose of Our Animal Companions
  8. You Are Valuable and Irreplaceable



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