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Album cover art for Dimensional Realms, a channeling of Seth and Metatron, by Marina Michaels

Key Ideas

We exist across and through all dimensions, and we can learn to explore those dimensions from right here and right now, gaining insight, comfort, and wisdom.

Even more, we can creatively and imaginatively visit those other dimensions and times to make positive changes in our lives.

Although we can categorize the different types of dimensions, numerically speaking, there are an infinite number of dimensions; time is one of those dimensions.

This topic complements the information on emotional beliefs and healing as discussed in the How to be Lucky! channeling; I highly recommend you get both albums.

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What are the different dimensions, and what do they have to do with our everyday lives?

As with How to be Lucky! , Seth, who is a probability master, and Metatron spoke as a combined being on this topic. Since I held this evening in my own home, it is a bit longer than usual.

They first begin by speaking of our existence in many dimensions; essentially, of the many alternate versions of ourselves that exist, and how we might visit those selves to gain insight into our current circumstances. They speak of how you can heal things from your past or even in other alternate lifetimes; as a result, your life can change, sometimes quite dramatically.

If there are less optimal people in your life as a result of less optimal, less life-affirming choices, and you change those choices, then those people, places, events, and things will move away from (fall out of) your timeline. They will move away from you. They are not destroyed, of course; they are simply no longer a part of your reality, and are instead, still and always, a part of their own reality, with their own ability to make the same kinds of choices and changes that you have been making.

After speaking about time, Seth and Metatron spend some time speaking about dreams and the greater reality we visit when we dream. They give some suggestions on learning to interpret your own dreams.

You will find that you can compile a dream dictionary for yourself in which you have a growing vocabulary of symbols and situations that mean particular things to you.

Seth/Metatron include a guided visualization, that imaginatively lifts you above yourself so you see yourself from a vantage point outside space and time.

After the visualization, Seth and Metatron give some ideas on how you might use it for various purposes. The guided visualization can be used as a model for creating your own variations for your own personal purposes.

They then continue with the topic of different dimensions, this time, with more of a focus on our multidimensional existences (as well as theirs).

At the end of the evening, they talk about how you might learn to channel, and why it is easier for some people to channel one entity than another. In conclusion, they say that

You can be an avatar of a particular god or deity, a particular kind of focus, and in such cases, you might feel a certain resonance with that being as described on this earth. You might choose to communicate with that entity. There is an infinite number of greater, higher expressions. Some are known, and some are not. So do not limit yourself in thinking you must find a known entity to channel, for you might find one that suits you down to your toes, that energetically vibrates so comfortably with you that it feels like you. You can bring through unique information from that higher, greater Self of yourself, information that is unique in the sense that no one else can have that connection. This doesn't meant that someone else couldn't connect with your larger self, for they could, but the combination of that larger self and you make a unique conduit of information.

This evening was recorded in my home with the sound of my aquarium's filter (like a waterfall) running in the background.

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Creatively Imagining Ourselves
  3. Exploring Our Alternate Selves
  4. Healing the Fabric of Time
  5. The Greater Reality that is Our Dream State
  6. About the Guided Visualization
  7. A Guided Journey in Time (a guided visualization)
  8. Variations on a Theme
  9. Your Multidimensional Existence


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