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What You Can Gain From a Reading With Me

I provide information that helps people gain clarity on and understanding of their purpose in life, their relationships, their careers, and other areas of their life. I also am able to help people heal multi-lifetime core issues (that manifest in the emotional, spiritual, and physical areas of our lives), often in just one reading.

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Clients Say...

“I've had chronic back pains my entire life, and now they are gone forever!” (Several clients have told me this.)

Clients Say...

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, [two serious physical issues] I had went away and never came back.”

Clients Say...

“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

Clients Say...

“I just thought I'd tell you. You said it might take a few months for me to notice a difference. It was so gradual, I didn't realize the change until a few months ago.”

Clients Say...

“You were dead on with what you told me.”

Clients Say...

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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Psychic Readings With Marina

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If you know you want a reading, and you are in a hurry, use the PayPal box below to select and pay for your reading. I'll contact you as soon as I receive your payment (unless I'm asleep, of course!). Or, feel free to book your reading by calling me at (707) 235-5555 or contacting me on Skype (marina.michaels in Santa Rosa, California). Then you can come back to this page to pay for the session. Thank you!

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Highlights of What I Can Do For You

I have been doing private readings since 1991. Many clients have told me that I helped them permanently resolve the problem they were consulting me about, often in just one session. According to some very powerful psychics who have met me, I am a natural healer and have a very pure heart.

I include distance healing energy work in most sessions.

I am highly educated and intelligent, with a very high level of awareness, ethics, and morals. Energetically, I am very clean and I bring through information at an evolved, loving level of existence. I will never judge you or those in your life for who or what you are or what you have done. In helping you find the information you need, I make it easier for you to heal more quickly.

Although most psychics are either psychics OR mediums OR channelers, I am all three, which means I offer advice and information from whatever source you need.

  • If you need me to read your energy or that of others in your life, I can do that.
  • If you need to talk with someone who has passed on, I can do that.
  • If you need information from the spirit realm, I can do that too.

With my experience, skills, and knowledge, I can provide information that you can use to make smarter, wiser, and stronger choices in life.

During your reading, I create a safe, compassionate, accepting place within which you can receive healing information and energies. You will hear the truth couched in the most loving possible way.

I honor your privacy completely. I don't keep a mailing list, a database of clients, recordings of your reading, or any other personal information, nor will I divulge your information to anyone. Because of this strict privacy policy, and because I myself abhore advertising (and so I won't spam you with emails asking you to buy more readings), if you are happy with your reading, I very much appreciate it when my clients refer others to me.

My sources, which includes Metatron, are of the highest possible light with the greatest "big picture" perspective possible.

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Changing Old Decisions and Clearing Issues from Past Lives

From our experiences, we make decisions that can affect many lifetimes for good or ill.

For example, if you decide in one life that you don't deserve to be loved, you will encounter people and experiences lifetime after lifetime that seem to “prove” that you are right. This won't change until you change your mind about yourself.

During a reading with me, if I find another lifetime in which you have made a decision that continues to affect you, I will help you clear that issue in that other life. The effects from those different decisions will spread through time and space, reaching all those different aspects of you that were affected by the original decision.

When you make such a life-changing decision, I know change will come in your life, usually gently but inevitably.

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Eleven Ways I Can Help You

I can help provide intelligent, solid, grounded information from a range of sources in a number of areas of your life:

  1. I can help with all kinds of relationship issues: family, friends, lovers, spouses, children, and so on. The information I can provide includes what the future of any relationship looks like.
  2. I can give practical advice, backed by my education, experience, and psychic abilities, about business situations. I can also advise you on what the future looks like for any given decision you are comtemplating.
  3. I can clear your energetic field and make available universal loving energies that can help you heal yourself on a spiritual level.
  4. I can examine your early years in this life for information that might help you now.
  5. I can access your other lifetimes, identifying core decisions you made in those lifetimes, with life-changing results. The power of resolving harmful decisions you made in other lifetimes brings gentle, permanent changes to this life.
  6. I can speak with your greater self as you exist outside space and time to get information to you, so you can check in to see how you are doing with your life’s purpose.
  7. I can contact the “dead”—people who have, from our perspective, “died.” Whether they have moved on or are lingering, I can help both them and you.
  8. I can look at probable/possible futures to see what might result for you depending on your choices. For example, if you are considering two job offers, I can psychically look at both to see what your experiences will be with each.
  9. I can channel a number of very high-level, very loving entities, including Metatron, God, Jesus, Seth, and Athena, as well as a number of others. If these entities choose to speak, they will have loving, useful information for you.
  10. I can give guided visualizations that are spiritually very healing.
  11. I can give intuitive readings of your animal companions to find out why they are here and what their role is in your life. I have been asked many times whether I am willing to do a reading for both a person and their beloved animal companions in one session. The answer is absolutely yes! I am happy to do so.

You won’t necessarily get all this in one reading, though you might! Normally, I will be guided to provide what you need in the moment.

Sometimes people apologize for asking what they consider a mundane question. Please don't worry about whether a question isn't spiritual enough; all questions are worthy of asking. I am happy to answer any questions in your reading, including about your beloved animal companions or your work or about someone you loved who has passed on. It's your reading! Everything we do and everything we are interested in is part of our spiritual journey, so whatever you want to ask about is useful.

How to Purchase a Reading

Choose the length of your reading from the drop-down box below, then pay through PayPal. PayPal is secure, safe, and fast! As soon as I receive your payment, I'll contact you to schedule your reading. The majority of my readings are done by phone or Skype. Also, I am one of the few psychics who offers the service of recording readings. But please note that recordings are a courtesy. Because of the energies I bring through, sometimes inexplicable things happen to the recording and I can't provide it.

Weekend and evening readings available.

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Spirits and Psychic Readings

I believe in a spiritual existence that encompasses our reality, and that we get spiritual information and assistance when we need it. What we do with that information is up to us, and we can (and often do) ignore perfectly good information because we are not ready to hear it. (I include myself in that statement!)

However, if someone contacts me for a reading, I believe that they are ready to hear what comes through, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to improve themselves and their lives.

My readings reflect this belief and orientation. Spirits and psychics have specialties and interests; the spirits I work with, as am I, are most interested in people's spiritual welfare and in their overall advancement as a spirit. Any information I receive, no matter what the subject, has an underlying spiritual basis.

For a bit more about me, read more about me.


I've said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating. No psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time. And even though information may be correct for the moment it is conveyed, it is hard to say that something will or will not definitely occur in the future. Because of free will, the future is never set in stone. Therefore, I can only give an answer in terms of how probable it is to occur ("90% yes," or "80% no," for example). Such information is based on the situation as it is now. If a person changes his or her mind or makes some other changes, the future likewise changes.

Also, before contacting me for a reading, please be sure to read my disclaimer! Although many people have experienced dramatic physical changes during readings with me, I cannot and do not claim to be a healer in the physical sense. What I am giving is spiritual counsel and advice with spiritually healing energies; the rest is up to you.

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