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July 28, 2002

The 10 Million Dollar Test

I passed. Or failed, depending on how one views it. I like to think I passed. Here's the test:

Here are my results:

Your score = 0

Congratulations, you have personal integrity. Your answers revealed that you would not go all out to get your hands on ten million bucks. There may be one or two things that you would consider, but overall you're not willing to commit acts that are outright repulsive or might hurt anyone just to hit the jackpot. You likely realize that money does not equal happiness, and don't want to throw all your self-respect out the window for a windfall. You are not easily bought!

July 27, 2002

Welcome to Messages, Take 5,003

Thank you for your patience in waiting for Messages from the fifth dimension to reappear somewhere. I believe (fingers crossed) that I have finally arrived at a stable site; I had to go to a new Web host to do it, though. If you were a fan of my previous Messages, I hope you will find the new version as or more enjoyable. And if you had not had the pleasure of viewing those earlier messages, I think I can say, without damaging modesty too badly, that you will be amused, intrigued, and perhaps even enlightened and informed. Watch this space. One improvement I have made (thanks to dive into mark) is to make the templates more accessible, so, for instance, if the type is too small, you can change the text size by choosing View -> Text Size from your browser menu, then selecting whatever size you want it to be.