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June 28, 2003

Sunday Noon Essene Communion: Peace with the Kingdom of the Earthly Mother

Image of an angel lifting her arms up to the earth. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lady's prayer.

Noon communion thought:

Heavenly Father, send to all your Angel of Peace;
To the kingdom of our Earthly Mother, the Angel of Joy.

Focus: In this communion, think of those ways in which you are already at peace with the kingdom of the Earthly Mother, and of ways in which you can become more at peace with her. Think especially of the trees and other natural settings and how they contribute to the overall health and well-being of this planet.

Rationale: The kingdom of the Earthly Mother is, of course, the earth and all that is in physical manifestation. As a part of that earth, you are governed by the laws and forces of nature. Your life and actions, then, should reflect a unity with that nature.

Living in harmony with nature means not poisoning the earth or contributing to the poisoning of the earth. This is not a primer on living a more natural life; there are far too many excellent works written. But the basics are to avoid pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, all of which kill the organisms and microorganisms in the soil that keep the soil a living thing. It also means, as far as possible, to avoid products and foods that were produced using these things, because, by purchasing them, you are contributing to the use of those products. Instead, only purchase products that were made with love toward and in harmony with the earth. Buy organically grown foods, avoid excess packaging, only buy that which you need instead of contributing to the waste stream by purchasing things you really don?t need, and so on. Also, do what you can to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and especially to reduce your reliance on paper products. In taking these actions, you are furthering your peace with the Earthly Mother and with those others who also rely on her for their sustenance.

June 26, 2003

Sunday Morning Essene Communion with the Angel of Earth

Isis, mother of all. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lady's prayer.

This morning's communion thought:

Angel of Earth, enter my generative organs and regenerate my whole body.

Focus: Think upon the soil of the earth and how it supports all life, and how everything is renewed by the earth. Feel the energies and essence of the Angel of the Earth moving within your body, aiding your body in its ability to transmute its sexual energies into regenerative abilities.

Rationale:The earth supports all life living on and in it. It renews itself and all life through a natural cycle of birth, growth, decay, death, decay, and rebirth, thus renewing itself and keeping itself immortal. The powerful generative and regenerative energies moving through all matter on earth can be thought of as being personified in the Earthly Mother?s Angel of Earth. Angels can be thought of as the spiritual and individualize representation of natural and cosmic forces, forces that can be related with and appealed to for guidance, help, and understanding in the same way that one human being may relate with and appeal to another, or jus as, if you have this understanding, a human being can relate with and appeal to our Creators on a personal, direct level.

In this case, the Angel of the Earth represents and personifies the intensely powerful and yet lovingly gentle, inevitable, irresistible forces that flow through and sustain the earth.

These same energies exist within the human body, which, like a microcosm of the earth, sustains the whole of the human organism through a natural cycle of individual cell birth, growth, death, decay, and rebirth. One of the driving forces of this eternal cycle of renewal in the body is the powerful, fundamental, and natural force of the body?s own generative organs.

Although throughout history (the history of Western civilization, anyway), the generative abilities of the human body have been vilified and rejected, they are nonetheless, and as many cultures have acknowledged, true, natural, and wholesome energies that make it possible for humans to conceive and give birth. The same energies make it possible for the body to renew itself at the individual cell level. Science claims that there is not one single cell n our body that was there seven years ago, and yet somehow we remain the same; each cell has been replaced by one just like it, in a miraculous process of continual regeneration and renewal.

In communing with the Angel of the Earth and coming to understand how that Angel?s powers are also within you, you can grow to become more aware of and receptive to the vast regenerative powers of the earth, more able to understand how your own physical body is absorbing and using these energies, and more able to consciously use and manage these energies to renew and regenerate your physical expression for as long as you choose.

Note: Sunday's Angel is Michael. This meditation deals directly with second chakra issues.

Saturday Evening Essene Communion with the Angel of Eternal Life

Image of Time as an old man and a young child. From http://www.angel-inages.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lord's prayer.

This evening's communion thought:

Angel of Eternal Life, descend upon me and give eternal life to my spirit.

Focus: Contemplate the thought field that is being constantly created in the universe, and become aware of your part in creating that field through your contribution of your own thoughts.

Rationale:Think upon the vaster sea of life and energy within which this, our earth, spins eternally. I refer to the physical and spiritual multiverse of which your existence is but one part. Yet not so insignificant a part that the universe o r the world can do without you. Whoever you are, and whatever sins you think yourself guilty of, the universe cannot do without you, and requires your presence for its full functioning. It is the responsibility of every living creature to better itself so that it may most fully attain the greatest perfection it is capable of.

The cast energies and spirits that drive the barely imaginable forces of the countless suns do not stop when they arrive at each star?s surface, but instead continue to reach far out into space, warming the nearby planets and sending them light and energies far out into space, eventually reaching everywhere that light can go.

As you think on these things, you can become more clearly aware of and receptive to the incredible energies singing in all the ?empty? spaces of the universe, being exchanged between all the planets and stars, bathing every artifact and life in their essence.

As you become more aware of and attune to these energies, you can also start to hear the intelligent exchange of ideas and thoughts that take place at the universal level. Just as there is a planetary field of thoughts for each inhabited planet such as out own, just so there is a larger field of thoughts for our universe. Lifting your thoughts and awareness to this larger field of energies and existence can help you to expand your own energetic existence and thus expand your ability to send and receive energies of a wider scope than the planetary. In the process, you become more aware of your role in life and this planet?s role in the grander arena of the universe. In that direction lies immortality.

Saturday Noon Essene Communion: Peace with the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father

Blurred image of an angel in brilliant colors. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself as described elsewhere. If you wish, use the Lord's prayer.

Noon communion thought:

Heavenly Father, send to all your Angel of Peace;
To your kingdom, send your Angel of Eternal Life.

Focus: The kingdom of the Heavenly Father is the entire cosmos. The Heavenly Father is the masculine principle. (There is also a feminine principle, represented in these communions as the Earthly Mother, but not limited to earth by any means.) The Heavenly Father is an evolving consciousness with thoughts, emotions, and a spirit nature who is aware of all and wants to be in personal, direct communication with each person. If we allow ourselves that communication, we can receive all the guidance, help, and information we want or allow ourselves to accept.

Rationale: The Essenes did not believe that we have to have someone to mediate between us and our Creators. Instead, they taught that every man, woman, and child can create a direct, personal relationship with our Creators, one that is warm and loving and like that of a child to a most loving parent.

However, we have to want that relationship, because it will never be forced upon us. We also must be willing to set aside our own prejudices and beliefs and, in many cases, our anger at our Creators so that we can more clearly receive the truth.

That anger is often arrived at in our childhood, when we are told many things about our Creators, including the idea that somehow when bad things happen, they are caused to happen by our Creators as some kind of punishment or mysterious wisdom that is beyond our abilities to understand. We are thus taught that there is no free will and that we have no choice in our lives, and from that we can only understand that our Creators neither love nor trust us enough to allow us to be free. This is just not so.

Our Creators love us enough to make us ultimately free; to encourage us and hope for us that we will become as gods ourselves, evolving in splendor, understanding, and wisdom through our own good thoughts and choices. But we cannot arrive there if we feel that somehow we are only passengers or slaves with no say in the running of this universe. If we instead understand that we are a part of it all, and an important part at that, and that we are surrounded by and move within an eternity of energy and love, then we rehabilitate our ability to exchange communication with even the most highest of beings. In so doing, we discover that we can ask for whatever we want on any level, from the physical to the nonphysical, knowing that we will not choose to ask for anything harmful to another, because we understand how interconnected all things are.

As we come to understand that fact, then peace can come to abide in our hearts.

June 21, 2003

My Favorite Movie Site

I don't have a lot of Web sites that I return to regularly. Normally, when I use the Internet, I am working or doing research of some sort or another (I know—shouldn't I be using it for fun?). But there are a few Web sites I visit consistently, and Tagline is one of them. I pop in there at least once a week (unless I am wading through an incredible work load, as I was this past week), and I always find something to amuse or challenge me. I actually post comments and send in movie quotes to this site, and you can too. I even consider myself a fan girl of this site, and that will totally startle those who know how very far I am from being a fan-type person and how extremely rare it is for me...in fact, aside from my hero-admiration-from-afar of a certain someone, I consider myself fangirl to nobody. Except the excellent brothers Steven and Al who maintain Tagline.

The Essene Communions: Preparing Yourself

As mentioned elsewhere, this general communion is to be used before each specific Essene communion.

Before beginning each communion, it is good to clear one?s life of distractions for the time it takes to enter into the communion, understanding that the communions do not have to take up much time. It is more the quality than the quantity that counts.

Also, start each communion with a general prayer to set the energy of communion to one of reverence, respect, and thankfulness:

I enter the eternal and infinite Garden of Life with reverence and a heart full of thankfulness for the Heavenly Father, the Earthly Mother, the great masters, the holy teachings, and all those who follow the path of Love.

If you do not want to use this particular prayer, there are two more that you could use instead; one being the well-known Lord?s prayer as said by the Essenes, and the other being the lesser-known Lady?s prayer, also said to have come from the Essenes. You could, for example, use the Lord?s prayer to precede the heavenly communions and the Lady?s prayer to precede the earthly communions, then use the general prayer for the third communion of the day.

The Lord?s and Lady?s prayers go like this:

The Lord?s Prayer: Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Leave us not in our temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the glory, and the power. Amen.
The Lady?s Prayer: Our Mother who art on earth, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in us as it is in thee. As thou send every day thy angels, send them to us also. Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee. Leave us not in our sickness, but deliver us from all evils, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen.

In the Lord?s prayer, ?Our father who art in Heaven? could be replaced with ?Heavenly Father;? similarly for ?Our Mother who art on Earth? in the Lady?s prayer.

It might be of interest to know that the word that is translated in the Lord?s prayer as ?father? was, in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, a less formal and much more intimate word that was used with affection by a child toward the father. A better translation would be something like ?papa? or ?dad? or even ?daddy,? One presumes the same is true for ?mother? in the Lady?s prayer?that it could perhaps be more accurately translated as ?mom? or ?mama? or even ?mommy.? Thus, translation that are more true to the feeling of these prayers might start out, ?Beloved papa in heaven,? or ?Beloved mama on earth.?)

The Essene Communions

I am starting to post the Essene communions that I mentioned in an earlier post. As mentioned in that post, I recently read—or perhaps I should say, devoured—a book by Edmond Szekely calle From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls. I got a lot out of that book, and initially had reorganized his materials so that I could use them every day in the simplest and most straight-forward manner. I've been accused before of having a high tolerance for organization, though it may not always seem that way to those who visit me. :-) In my writing, though, I defy anyone to come close to my highly refined abilities to take a mess of written material and create elegant order out of it.

But I digress. Part of the Essene practices were to have three daily communions: One in the morning, one at noon, and one at night. After organizing Edmond Szekely's materials, writing up my own insights and notes in the process, I have worked with the communions for several weeks now. And though it undoubtedly will sound arrogant to some, others who understand my very long spiritual heritage will not be surprised to hear that I have started to develop my own completely fresh and original materials based on each communion. Which I am going to start posting here, so you can commune along with me if you like.

One vital aspect of each communion is to prepare yourself for the communion. This involves a certain mental and emotional preparation to attune yourself in a general way with the loving and live-giving energies we move within, before focusing on one particularly aspect of those energies with each communion. Rather than repeat the general material, which is more or less the same for each communion, I am posting it separately.

Saturday Morning Essene Communion with the Earthly Mother

Image of an angel feeding doves. From http://www.angel-images.bigstep.com/aboutus.html, June 10, 2003; said to be copyright free.

Prepare yourself for this communion as described elsewhere.

This morning?s communion thought: The Earthly Mother gives the food of Life to my whole body.

This morning?s focus: The food and good herbs we take into our bodies and how they nurture us and connect us to the earth?s vast network of nurturing energies. Our bodies have an innate natural wisdom that makes it possible for them to absorb and use these energies according to their natures, nurturing and replenishing our bodies' vital forces.

Rationale: Everything you eat comes from the earth in one form or another. The fruits and vegetables and grains all grew on plants that were nurtured directly by the earth in which they had their roots, watered by the rain, enlivened by the sun. All the elements and natural processes of the earth have gone into forming your food. All the earth?s vital life forces have combined to bring you that food, and are still there in that food, no matter what has happened to it since it was harvested, or how highly processed it has been.

The earth is remarkable in her ability to heal herself and recover from the insults and abuses we humans in our ignorance and greed have heaped upon her, and those same unstoppable abilities to renew herself and to hear and repair all damage done to her is likewise in you, both as your natural heritage as one of the blessed creatures living upon this earth, by which right those abilities are inherent within your own body, and as a child of the earth who daily, hourly, every minute lives and moves within and received the energies of the earth.

Think upon all these things, and of your food and all that you take into your body, and feel how those energies are pouring into you as strongly and inevitably as they do for anyone or anything upon this earth. Your body was designed to be able to use the earth?s energies as they come to you through food and the very air itself. Allow it to do so. Allow yourself to feel these immense natural forces. Allow yourself to feel and use these forces within your own body, working in harmony with the food you take in, rebuilding and fortifying all aspects of your body?s functions so that you are in a constant state of renewal and great good health.

A further result of that you can develop the ability to more consciously derive the full force of these vital energies of the earth from the foods you eat, and to more consciously direct those energies to where they are needed within your body.

Deeper contemplation: The energies and intentions of those who have touched your food as it has moved through time and space to you. (More later on the deeper focuses.)

June 10, 2003


According to this Web site, Ashriel is "one of the seven angels with dominion over the earth. He is the angel that separates the soul from the body at the time of death. He can also be invoked to cure stupidity." I'll have to remember that.

June 09, 2003


I am sure you have already heard about it, but in case you haven't, cloning is the process of making an exact genetic copy of a person or animal. I've watched with some interest the various debates going on about cloning—Should you clone your dead wife? Your favorite pet? Yourself, so you can harvest organs out of the cloned body?—expecting at any moment that someone would come up with the obvious truth, and so far, much to my disbelief, no one has said it. At least, no one that I saw or heard.

The truth is this: You can make an exact genetic copy of a person or animal. More or less. Allowing for the differences that happen during cell development and the various things in the environment that affect one's genetic structure and physical form, including the immune system. But that is where the similarity ends.

Let's say you choose to clone your beloved cat. It may look like your cat, and even possibly have a similar meow to that of your cat. But that more-or-less exact physical copy of your cat is not the cat you know. Or knew. It may share the same genetic structure, but we are not just slabs of meat walking around. Our identities do not start and end with our physical existence. A clone of anyone or anything will have its own soul, its own purpose, and certainly will belong to itself.

I fully realize that not everyone believes in souls or spirits, though sometimes I wonder at how it is possible to deny such an obvious thing. But for those of us who do know the truth of the matter, to think that somehow a physical vehicle, no matter how close a copy of another, is going to also be the same inside is just a non-issue.

Here's another analogy. Let's say that you have a favorite car that you drive all the time. One day, you see somone driving the identical car. Do you have an identity crisis? Do you think that you have suddenly been duplicated? Do you think that that is you in that other car? Of course not. It is another person driving a different car.

Just so, a spirit inhabiting a body, no matter how similar that body may be to another, is still a separate spirit, and not the same spirit that is in that other body.

Though there is a way for the spirit to be the same. If, for instance, you clone your now-deceased cat, and the spirit of your cat decides to take pity on you and to reincarnate in the body of that cloned cat, then yes, it is your original beloved cat come back to you. (And, in the somewhat limited experience I have of looking in spirit at animals living with people, I have seen that animal spirits do often return to their human companions as another animal, so this is not that far-fetched.)

But that cloned cat is your original cat because your cat's spirit chose to inhabit that body, not because somehow that body and that genetic structure caused an identical configuration of your cat. And even then, just as with humans, each life is unique. The spirit is the same, but the expression will be different.

That should make it clear what the answers to the earlier questions are. If you clone your dead wife, don't expect the new person to be your original wife. (Even if it were your wife reincarnating, she will still be a new and different person.) If you clone your animal companion, ditto. If you clone yourself, that new person does not belong to you in any way. You share with it a similar physical relationship as a parent does with a child: You contributed genetic material to help that spirit create for itself a body. But you do not own that person anymore than a parent owns a child.

Any questions?

June 08, 2003

The Essenes

I have recently been drawn to studying the Essenes. I am not stranger to them; having a metaphysical minister for a mother, in addition to having the abilities to see a bit into the next dimension, if you will, as well as my own personal interest in that which is unseen, has given me an educational background that includes knowing about religions and philosophies of the world.

Yet I was not always interested in them. What I knew about them was that they were a group of people who lived and taught for some time before, during, and after Jesus's lifetime, and that in fact Jesus himself was an Essene. I also knew that they lived sort of communally—not in a Communist way, in which no one is responsible for anything and no one owns anything, but in a more highly developed and self-responsible fashion. I also knew that they are honored to this day for what they were capable of and for their teachings, since apparently they not only walked their talk, but were able to, like Jesus, demonstrate that their path had concrete results in terms of being able to perform what we might call miracles.

That was about the extent of my knowledge until recently, and I can't really say I have learned a tremendous amount more, but the little bit more I know has given me a lot to think about.


In sorting through my mother's effects, I took what was left of her library (for the sake of family harmony, I feel it is best not to ask what happened to the other books in her library). As the person in the family most interested in metaphysical matters (aside from my brother Peter, who for his own reasons is not interested our mother's books), I was the logical choice to take these books. Many of them are rare and out-of-print, but I do not want to keep all of them, and so I sold them.

But a few of them have information that I am interested in, and I am keeping them, at least for now, until I have had a chance to read them. One of those books I have recently read, and I found enough of value in it that I thought you might be interested as well.

The book is by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (pronounced saykay), who researched the Essenes for decades (including reading ancient documents in the Vatican library, to which he had access by right of being an intern there, and later reading the Dead Sea Scrolls). He was so moved and impressed by the Essene philosophy and way of life that in 1928, together with Romain Rolland, the winner of the 1915 Nobel prize for Literature, he founded the International Biogenic Society to bring the Essene teachings into present day. He wrote a number of books; this particular one is called From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Although it may not be obvious from the title, this book is almost entirely about the Essenes—their philosophy, their way of life, and, most importantly, their contemplative practices. I am sure there is a huge amount more to their practices than what this little book presents, but this book is a wonderful gem of conciseness and presents an approach that might appeal to those who might not otherwise have been drawn to a spiritual path. Setting aside a bit of high-flown language (allowing for the time in which this book was written!), the practices described in this book are very practical, have obvious immediate benefits, and are easy to do. They don't require a huge commitment of time every day, and have a cycle that feels natural and wholesome to me.

A Link in a Long Chain of Spiritual Traditions

The reason why the title is From Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls is that Mr. Szekely states that the Essene teachings have been around long before the Essenes existed. They are at the root of teachings dating back 8,000 years or more, he says, such as the very ancient teachings of India, Buddha's teachings, the Tibetan Wheel of Life, the ancient Greek Pythagoreans, the Kabbalists, Gnosticism, and of course Christianity. Mr. Szekely goes on to say that, based on his decades of scholarship (including, remember, his access to the Vatican library, said to be the largest repository of religious and spiritual texts in the world, including many rare texts and texts that are not available anywhere else), the Essene teachings are the purest example of those very ancient teachings from so long ago. It is unfortunate that in this book he does not cite his sources; perhaps he did so in other work.

Setting aside the matter of scholarship and sources, intuitively, I believe that he is right. I myself my entire life have studied all the world's major religions and many of the minor ones (by "major," I mean followed by lots of people; by "minor," I mean followed by fewer people; I mean to make no value judgments in using these terms). I have also studied a number of the key philosophical paths. And, of course, I have my own direct contact with Sources that have given me much to think about, including new ways of thinking about things and new information about life and reality, information that I did not previously have. (Though I have always been cautious about what I have received, and have tested much of what came through, not just blindly accepting everything or trusting that everything I receive intuitively is "the truth." And that self-doubt, self-testing, and self-skepticism is, I believe, is why I continue to be a better and clearer messenger for the spirit realm, if you will. Not that I always show my own struggles, or show where I have gotten confirmations, since it would clutter up everything I write, but it is there nonetheless. But I digress.)

Having studied the world's philosophies and religions, and, perhaps as importantly, having been developing my inner sense of "rightness" and truth about things, much of what Mr. Szekely writes rings as very true. Foe example, I know from my own research that the Pythagoreans definitely had very similar practices and lifestyles to those of the Essenes; so much so that I wonder if perhaps the Essenes were the spiritual or actual descendants of the Pythagoreans.

There are points in Mr. Szekely's book where I feel he introduced his own political and social agendas; those parts stand out to me like a pink scarf on a snowfield. :-) I don't know how to explain this inner sense I have for distinguishing different energies, which has gotten much stronger over the years. For instance, I can read something that was channeled by someone else, and can feel how in some places the channeler was clear and was bringing through a clearer message, and other places the channel was muddier and bringing through more of his or her own "stuff" rather than a clear message. Likewise, I believe that Mr. Szekely presents much that is solid truth in his small book, but also slipped in his own attitudes, and those attitudes stand out as not feeling "right" alongside the other material.

The Essenes in a Nutshell

The core principles of the Essene way of life are a focus on the interconnectedness of all life, and the belief that peace, creativity, and love are the most powerful forces in the universe. The Essenes sought to commune with all life forces so that they could more readily receive and use those forces within their own bodies and in their lives and surrounding environments.

Vegetarians, they lived cleanly and communally, eating raw and natural foods, and sought neither to be too poor nor too rich, for they felt that both conditions represented an imbalance. (Though what we might consider "too rich," they probably would not have, as allowing oneself to be well off was one of their principles.) They felt that all one?s food and material needs could be attained without struggle if one lived in accordance with what Mr. Szekely calls the Law, which Mr. Szekely explains means following the teachings of the heavenly Father. (It is my belief that Mr. Szekely introduced this term of "the law," but I haven't confirmed this yet.)

Their specialty areas were education, healing, and astronomy, and they were said to both be interested in very ancient texts, which they studied, as well as providing prophecies. They were adept at using plants and herbs for healing animals and humans. They felt that in order to be in balance, one must study both the earthly forces and the spiritual forces; in other words, one must both recognize that one is a spirit and also that one is living in a physical world, and one must honor both aspects of one's existence.

Like the ancient Celts, Jews, and many other ancient cultures, their day started at sundown and their holy day (Sabbath) started on Friday evening, which day was spent, according to Mr. Szekely, in study, discussion, entertaining, visiting, and playing music. Every day, in the evening, in the morning, and at noon, they practiced a contemplation (what Szekely calls a communion, though it is not to be confused with the Catholic term).

Fourteen Spiritual and Earthly Communions and Seven Peace Communions

These communions are active practices of contemplating fourteen spiritual and earthly forces, two per day (one in the evening and one in the morning), plus one peace contemplation per day at noon.

In practicing the communions, one brings about an expanded consciousness in one's life. In the mornings, one communes with the forces of the visible realms (the earthly forces), and in the evenings, one communes with the forces of the invisible realms (the heavenly forces).

According to Szekely, the communions have three primary purposes:

  1. To make one conscious of the different forces and forms of energy which surround one and which perpetually flow toward one from nature and the cosmos.
  2. To make one aware of the organs and centers (chakras?) within one's being which can receive these currents of energy.
  3. To establish a connection between those organs and centers and their corresponding earthly and heavenly forces so that one can absorb, control, and use each current.

About the Peace Contemplations

In addition to the fourteen communions, there are seven different peace contemplations which are held at noon. These peace contemplations are one way in which one can apply the expanded consciousness and control of energies brought about by practicing the fourteen communions. Just as the fourteen communions teach one's relationship with the fourteen forces of the visible and invisible worlds, the seven peace contemplations teach one's relationship to the different parts of one's own being and with others, and teach how to create peace and harmony in what Mr. Szekely says the Essenes called the seven categories of one's life: the kingdom of the Heavenly Father, the kingdom of the Earthly Mother, culture, humanity (social peace), family and emotions (the feeling body), mind (the thinking body) and the body (the acting body).

Although I have never followed any particular path in the past, preferring always to study everything and create my own path out of what was true for me, I felt so strongly drawn to these communions that I decided to practice them, which I have been doing for a little over a week now. (I have some private thoughts about (a) why I am so drawn to these communions and (b) why they seem so very familiar to me, but I will keep those to myself for now.)

The Purpose of the Communions

After reviewing these communions and practicing them for the past week and a bit, I have come to the conclusion that they perform the following, and, at least for me, do so very rapidly:

  • They rehabilitate one's ability to receive on all levels, especially on the level of the forces of life and the universe. This includes receiving energies as well as information, such as I do when I tune in on the spirit level to people or my spirit Sources.
  • As part of that rehabilited receptiveness, these communions rehabilitate one's ability to tune into and sense the invisible forces that one swims in every day; in other words, to become aware of the greater forces and spiritual energies around us, and of our own part within that ocean of spiritual energy.
  • They rehabilitate one's ability to directly access and use those forces in a positive, constructive manner.
  • Along with everything else, they help clear one's energy field of extraneous "stuff" that doesn't belong there.

I use the term "rehabilitate" because I believe that all of us had these abilities at one time, either in this life or in some other life, and so it isn't a matter of gaining these skills and abilities so much as it is a matter of rehabilitating them.

Giving and Receiving

The first item, the rehabilitation of the ability to receive, is perhaps one reason why I am so drawn to them, as I have always had a great deal of difficulty in accepting things gifts of any nature from others, though I greatly enjoy sharing what I have with others and enjoy giving gifts—of things, of my time, of any wisdom I might have, and so on. And yet I have known for a long time that for a person to be truly in balance, they must be able to receive as generously as they give.

"Receiving" doesn't just mean material things; it also means receiving the love and loving kindness of others, for example. Many of us have difficulty with that because the "gifts" we have received of that nature in the past have come with strings or have had harmful energy attached to them, making it hard for us to think of receiving something without also fearing that we will have to pay too dearly for it.

The other items all follow from the first. In order to be aware of these energies, one must of course be able to receive them and be conscious of receiving them. Then, next, one needs to become aware of how to move those energies and of the right use of those energies (as opposed to the misuse of them). In working with these energies in a clean-hearted way, one can't help but clear one's own energy field of extraneous "stuff": old energies that no longer serve, old ideas, old thoughts, and so on.

More About the Book

I have two main problems with this book, neither of which had to do with the information in it.

The first is that the material in this book is very badly organized. It gives the actual communions, but mixes the information up so badly that it took me quite some time to sort it all out. This wasn't too much of a problem for me: In my usual organized way, I simply created my own version of the book, putting the material together in a clearer and more coherent way for my own use.

The second problem is with the language. The language used is very divisive and non-inclusive. Some of this is a result of the times within which Mr. Szekely was writing, and some of it is old stuff relating to longer spiritual traditions in which only men were supposed to have access to this kind of information and spiritual practice, ignroing the fact that, for instance, the Essenes, the Pythagoreans, and many other ancient spiritual groups had both men and women as members with equal rights and equal opportunities to follow their path. In making my own version of the book, I also changed the wording to make it gender-neutral and less divisive.

Interested in More?

If you are interested in more, revisit this site regularly. I have decided to post each of the communions more or less at the time they should be practiced (Pacific time), until I have posted them all. With the communions will be my explanation of what they are about, both based on what is in the book, and on what is my own experience and intuitive understanding of the material. For the purists, I will do my best to separate what Mt. Szekely says from what I am saying, though of course we don't truly know how much of what he says is from his research versus an introduction of his own ideas. Still, I want to avoid introducing yet another layer of confusion, so I will separate the two sources (Mr. Szekely and myself), and leave it to your own heart to guide you into what is true for you.

Here is another site you can visit for what ancient historians said about the Essenes: http://members.aol.com/Wisdomway/deadseascrolls.htm#anchor445438