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July 18, 2004

Final Fantasy XI Wedding Etiquette

Welcome to this site! If you are reading this post, you either came here out of curiousity or you are an honored wedding guest who was given a link specifically for this information for the wedding of two characters in FFXI. In any case, thank you for stopping by!

This post provides the etiquette guidelines provided by Square Enix for weddings in FFXI. We, the bride and groom, have been asked to pass this information along to our wedding guests, and this seemed the most efficient way to do so, since there are more words than fit into a Play Online Navigator message box. :-)

Note: The portions of this post that are in quotation marks are provided by and copyrighted by Square Enix.

I have to admit that some of their suggestions are of the sort that would make some people just itch to violate them, but fortunately some of those sorts of suggestion are impossible and in any case, none of our guests would be so uncouth as to do anything so rude and disruptive. The rest are simple wedding guidelines for conduct, attire, and so on. We look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

"A wedding is a sacred event and should be observed with the utmost respect. Thus, during our ceremonies, it is important for all involved to conduct themselves in the appropriate manner. If the behavior of the participants and/or guests is deemed improper or disruptive, we reserve the right to cancel the ceremony. Please help us to create a joyous and memorable occasion for the bride and groom by ensuring that everyone obeys this simple etiquette:

  • Do not move around needlessly during the ceremony.
  • Do not bring monsters to the wedding site, and then release them.
  • Refrain from casting spells, synthesizing, or using unnecessary items until the ceremony is over.
  • Refrain from unnecessary chatting once the ceremony begins.
  • Do not engage in battle.
  • Maintain a reasonable standard of decency during the ceremony.
  • Do not engage in any other activities that might disrupt the ceremony.


"There are no specific restrictions in regards to attire. However, it is recommended that one dress in a manner befitting a sacred occasion. This request extends not only to the bride, groom, and chaperone, but to all those who plan to attend the ceremony."

Our desire is that you wear whatever you want to wear, though if you have something splendid, and you want to wear it, we would love to see everyone in their very best. Our only request is that you wear something; this is not a Betazoid ceremony.