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January 28, 2006

And I thought *I* was gullible

But even I can't buy this one. I foresee a great career in front of this guy, though. And the funny thing is, I do believe that many crop circles are genuinely mysterious and unexplainable, and so on, and yet, and yet.... this entire story just is too glib and has too many holes in it. Nonetheless, enjoy.

January 16, 2006

Take action to protect wolves

Recently, US Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton handed over management of grey wolf populations in Idaho to the state of Idaho. This is the same state whose legislature just a few years ago passed a resolution to eliminate grey wolves "by any means necessary."

While I firmly support each state's right to govern itself however it likes in the social and political arenas, wolf management goes beyond society or politics and into the arena of survival of all species on earth. Giving management of wolves to the state of Idaho is like giving management of Jewish populations to the Nazis. Just as the Nazis before them, the state of Idaho has vowed to destroy what they perceive as a nuisance. In neither case does the group involved have any such right to do so. It would be naive of me to say that the Nazi problem has been solved, but at least good people are aware of the problem and are opposed to neo-Nazis. However, the state of Idaho not only remains recalcitrant about protecting wolves, but has now been given carte blanche to do as it pleases in regard to the wolves. The fox now guards the henhouse indeed.

If you think this action of Gale Norton's was ill-considered, you can at least send a letter of censure to Norton at this Web site.