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June 23, 2006

One Man Not To Vote For

It is always nice when political candidates do something so heinous, cruel, and inhuman that they make it easy to scratch them from your mental list of potential candidates. Here is an article about US Senator Bill Frist that makes it clear that no sane, thinking human being would ever, EVER want such a man in the White House.

To summarize, while he was in medical school, he would go to the animal shelters, adopt cats, treat them as pets in his home for a while, then take them into the lab to perform fatal experiments on them. He justifies his acts by saying that they were in the name of medicine and science. He glosses over it by referring to all of this as something he did in the past, as though the decisions we make in the past don't form who we are now. Even worse, according to this article, Frist recently said something "about the power he felt when holding the last beats of a dog's heart in his hand."

The article says that, "To his credit, the future senator wrote that it was a "heinous and dishonest thing to do."" However, what he is referring to is the adopting of the cats as pets (animal shelters won't knowingly allow someone to "adopt" an animal if it is for "scientific research"), NOT to what he did to the cats in the laboratory.

When I look at my cats—their trust, their intelligence, their patience, their love—I can't imagine how any human being could take such a creature and deliberately subject them to pain, suffering, and death. And isn't this one of the warning signs of a psychopathic personality, that he tortures small animals for pleasure? Hiding behind science doesn't work when he has already made RECENT statements such as that about the power he felt when holding a dog's dying heart in his hands.