October 13, 2005

Comments are a Go!

With the excellent help of both the Moveable Type people and of my ISP's technical support, the comment problem has been ironed out. You can now leave comments! Play nice, now.

October 11, 2005

Comment Sign-In Not Working

I only recently discovered that my comment sign-in isn't working. Please have patience while the good folks at TypeKey and I try to figure out what is wrong. Thanks!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that I am back to making a post a day. This is just the first in a number of planned improvements to this site. Visit often! Add me to your RSS feeds by browsing to and adding that file to your news reader.

August 05, 2005

Recovering from Data Loss

Welcome! This is just to announce that all of my posts made to my Web log this year have been lost unless I have a backup on my hard drive somewhere. I do have a backup of my previous posts, and I will be uploading them soon (probably this weekend).

Meanwhile, the good news is that I have consolidated my Web sites again; everything is under one roof at last, and now people visiting either my Web log or my Web site can easily search and visit the other as well.

March 17, 2003

Tantalizing Tidbit from My Book

Few people know that I have been working on a nonfiction book for the entire last year. Work slowed down during the last six months, but I am closing in on the completion of the last chapter, after which I will go back through for a second draft, rewriting, reorganizing, and, eventually, indexing it (I am a professional indexer). After which I plan to announce it in full force and self-publish, with my breath held and my fingers crossed and every fiber of my being hopeful that others will enjoy it and find value in it. Meanwhile, here is a tiny, tiny excerpt from the section I am currently writing:

Although Saturn is mostly about self-mastery and self-wisdom, it also involves learning enough about human nature that one has a keen eye and excercises discernment when dealing with others. We might have, in our younger days, consorted knowingly or unknowingly with others who are less ethical or moral. But as time passes, we start to wake up to a greater responsibility that demands that we cut our ties with that past, no matter how painful or how much the outward cost, because we know that otherwise, we are not going to be able to move forward spiritually.

It is a difficult and very Saturnian choice to make, and yet, for our survival, we must make it or forever stay within a shell, like a seed that struggles to germinate but cannot break open its outward husk. Eventually it withers and dies, and so will our souls if we do not break free of the restraints that hold us back. Which can be fear of what others will think, fear of leaving a comfortable situation or a good working relationship or a lucrative business relationship. Whatever the fear is, it must be faced and dealt with.

So even in becoming aware of human nature, we still must, in a Saturnian way, also become aware of ourselves and what we are capable of doing in response to the actions of others. Will we sit by and allow our fears to prevent us from doing what we feel is right? Or will we find in ourselves the courage to speak out and to step away? And to then go on to find more compatible souls, people who may challenge us, but in a new and more delightful way, by challenging us to become the best possible expression of ourselves?

It can be a difficult change, to move from being around constant dishonesty, distrust, and denial to being around people whose habitual ways are of honesty and integrity, but it can also be refreshing, like the crispness of a small wind that has just brushed over the snows of Tibet to touch our cheeks. It alerts us and makes us more alive to the moment, and leaves us always wanting that freshness forever after, no longer content to stay in stale pool halls filled with old smoke and older ideas.

January 30, 2003

Sick as a Dog

My apologies for the lack of updates this week. I was out of town earlier this week, and when I returned, I instantly came down with a horrible cold. I can hardly sit upright, so I am going back to bed now.

July 27, 2002

Welcome to Messages, Take 5,003

Thank you for your patience in waiting for Messages from the fifth dimension to reappear somewhere. I believe (fingers crossed) that I have finally arrived at a stable site; I had to go to a new Web host to do it, though. If you were a fan of my previous Messages, I hope you will find the new version as or more enjoyable. And if you had not had the pleasure of viewing those earlier messages, I think I can say, without damaging modesty too badly, that you will be amused, intrigued, and perhaps even enlightened and informed. Watch this space. One improvement I have made (thanks to dive into mark) is to make the templates more accessible, so, for instance, if the type is too small, you can change the text size by choosing View -> Text Size from your browser menu, then selecting whatever size you want it to be.