August 11, 2005

Some Data Recovery

The lesson recently learned in losing all my Web log entries since last November is this: (A) Don't trust your Web host and (B) back up your data regularly. Fortunately, I at least did have the backup through last November. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of good entries for this year, and they are no longer cached in Google, either, so I can't take the back-door route of recreating those entries. Alas.

Back up your data.

I'll be working on making the Web log look prettier over the weekend.

May 14, 2003

Installing a New Hard Drive

Caution/Caveat: The information in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Though this article is probably not entertaining to anyone who isn?t interested in installing a large hard drive (> 137 gigabytes) in a Windows 2000 Professional system. Since it is kind of techy, I assume you know what I am talking about. My apologies to those who came here today looking for something kwacky or New Age; I'm in a techy hardware mode today.


I?ve owned and operated a personal computer of one variety or another since 1981. I?ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, configured, and reconfigured software and hardware of just about every description. (Well, perhaps I exaggerate some there—but not much!) In more recent years, I have come to rely on ?the experts? to do things with my computers, but when I recently needed to add a hard drive to my system (my older drive is close to full, and I also want a second drive for backups), I thought, ?Piece of cake.?

I had temporarily lost sight of Rule 1 in computing: Nothing is ever as quick or as easy as you anticipate.

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