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For a description of some of the entities I channel, including Seth and the Council, see this article on who I channel.

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The audio files for the 2008 channeling series can be listened to for free. They are on their own separate pages; links to those pages are presented here.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. ... I have used the [brainwave synchronization] recordings, with great success for relaxing and relieving stress. But there was no comparison to your recordings. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov. I also have listened to [brand name] CDs for shamanic healing. Good in their way, but it does not compare to your recordings.” —James J.

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In 2008, I presented and recorded a series of regularly scheduled channelings in my own home. The audio files from those evenings are posted here.

That series was very popular. However, because I was presenting them in my own home, the evenings were by invitation only.

In 2009, I held a new series at a nearby public location. Within these sessions, each of which had an overarching topic, a wide range of questions were addressed, such as

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our natural birthright as spiritual and human beings?
  • How can we learn to love ourselves?
  • How can we effectively deal with our fears?
  • In what ways can we become more of who we are?
  • Are relationships important, and if so, what can we do to make them better?
  • What are "emotional beliefs," and how can we adjust them?
  • How can we come to love and understand others, even (and especially) those who are so different from us?
  • What about spirits who are not (or no longer) in bodies? Who are they and how can we deal with them?
  • How can we bring more into our lives even in these times?
  • What are our inner senses, and how can we learn to use them?
  • Did ancient civilizations that are only myth today really exist, and if so, what is their relevance to us?
  • What about our animal companions? What are their roles in our lives?
  • What is reality, and how can we learn to move more effectively through it?
  • Are there other dimensions? If so, how can we learn to use them to improve our lives?
  • What can we as individuals do to contribute to world peace?

In addition, most evenings included a unique guided visualization that focused our attention on the topic of the evening in a way that helps us integrate the information, heal spiritually, and more fully use the information given that evening.

Although certain themes arose in different ways throughout the year, each evening’s topic stands on its own. You can purchase the digital album for one evening, for several related evenings, or for the entire year.

The Topics

The topics for 2009 were as follows. Topics suggested by Metatron or one of my other spirit guides are so noted. Sometimes topics get combined or expanded during an evening, so there are often surprises! The links lead to much more detailed information about each channeling.

Each album and booklet set is US$9.99.

March: Love and Relationships

Loving Yourself Like No Other

March 6, 2009. Loving Yourself Like No Other: Having Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Despite It All. This evening's channeling, which was suggested strongly by Metatron, was a bit longer than the usual hour, because it included one of Metatron's unique and powerful guided visualizations, this one for emotional healing. To start the evening, the Gatekeeper gave part one of a channeling on what channeling is from a spiritual perspective, a topic that Metatron wanted to me to channel on during the first month of this series.

Loving Yourself Like No Other

March 20, 2009. Jesus Speaks on Relationships in the New Age. Our ideas about relationships have changed drastically over the past 100 years. And yet, we still have relationships, even crave them. What are they? What do they mean? In what ways can relationships be viewed from a spiritual perspective? Jesus spoke on this topic; he had told me he would be the perfect person for it.

To start the evening, the Gatekeeper spoke briefly, giving part 2 of the channeled information on what channeling is from a spiritual perspective. The energy flow this evening, as it was in the previous evening, was very strong and a lot of good information came through.

April: Fear and Abundance

Loving Yourself Like No Other

April 3, 2009. Turmoil and Plenty: Being Abundant in Uncertain Times (suggested by Metatron) The Council spoke on this very apt topic, giving practical information on how to improve your own life even in these hard times.

A mini guided visualization that can help you connect with helpful energies and people is included.

Loving Yourself Like No Other

April 17, 2009. How to be Wrong and Still Be Right (suggested by Metatron). Fear restricts, faith, trust, and love expand. One of our fundamental fears as human beings in a social context is that of being wrong. Sometimes this can drive us to be too rigid about things, causing harm in ourselves or others; other times that fear holds us back from doing or saying what we really want. And what do we do when we have done something we feel ashamed of or embarrassed about? Jesus addressed this issue with remarkable clarity and conciseness.

May: Food and Health From a Spiritual Perspective

Eating Enlightenment

May 1, 2009. Eating Enlightenment. Does what we eat affect who we are? Is there any connection between what we eat and our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health? The spirit world has a lot to say about a very physical topic.

The Council again came through, and very neatly tied the topic of our food in with some practical information on expanding our awareness of our inner senses. They provided some guidelines and exercises for learning to use and trust those inner senses again.

The Role of Spices

May 15, 2009. The Role of Spices in Our Cultures and Lives. When cooking, have you ever noticed how the same main ingredients can be made to taste so very different depending on which spices you add? And how lately, it seems that more and more traditional spices are turning out to be very healthy for us indeed? This evening continues on the topic of food and its relationship to our bodies and souls, this time focusing specifically on spices and how different cuisines and different countries can help us with specific types of issues. The countries and continents addressed are India, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America (including chocolate), a tiny bit on North America, and some Asian countries.

June: Ancient Civilizations and Their Relevance Today

Although ancient history may not seem connected to our present times, in fact the past can teach us a lot about what is going on today, and can give us new perspectives on many aspects of our lives.

A channeling on Atlantis

June 5, 2009. Atlantis. Although I have gotten information on Atlantis over the years in many separate private readings, I have never yet dedicated an evening of channeling specifically to this topic. During this evening, the topic was about Atlantis in relation to present-day issues, and also addressed our concepts of God/Goddess as related to the parents we have chosen. Very powerful, life-changing information.

Artwork for Mu and Lemuria Today

June 19, 2009. Mu and Lemuria Today. I had never before asked for psychic information on these two ancient civilizations/continents. I had no opinion on whether they existed, but I found myself curious, and I knew many others are interested in this topic as well. Speakers from the Angelic Realm came through to speak of these two civilizations. They first discussed how each planet has a core idea that it is exploring, and said what the core idea is for the planet Earth. Then they discussed how each civilization had both the planet's core idea as well as its, the civilization's, own core idea. This is true for all civilizations.

Mu and Lemuria existed as civilizations, according to the speakers from the Angelic Realm, who then went on to describe the two civilizations and to discuss the surprisingly apt relevance of these two civilizations to modern times. They concluded with a unique 10-minute guided visualization for connecting with our other lifetimes and other selves.

August: Pot Luck Picnic

Like the foods at a picnic, the topics this month have different themes.

Artwork for Why Are We Here?

August 7, 2009. Why Are You Here? (Suggested by Metatron). One of the most fundamental questions we can ever ask. What is our purpose? Do we make a difference? Is the world better off because we exist? What if we have done bad things? These questions and more were addressed this intense evening by Metatron. A good channeling for anyone who might have doubts about their place, or the place of others, in the world.

Artwork for Our Animal Companions

August 21, 2009. Our Animal Companions. Our animal companions have a lot to offer! The 2008 evening on cats and dogs was such a success that I decided to ask for more information. In this evening, Metatron addressed the topic of the animal kingdom in general and how animals relate to us spiritually. Metatron provided information on why our cats, dogs, and other animal companions are with us (it isn't just for one reason). He touched briefly on dolphins and whales as well.

September: How to Use Our Super Reality

Album cover for How to be Lucky: a royal blue background with a swoop of stars and the title, How to be Lucky! a channeling of Seth and Metatron, by Marina Michaels

September 4, 2009. How to be Lucky! What is luck? Is it creating your reality, controlling your own destiny? If so, what does that mean and how do you do it? Seth, who is a probability master, and Metatron spoke as a combined being. It was a full moon—always a powerful time for me to channel—so I was looking forward to this evening with anticipation. I wasn't disappointed. Seth/Metatron spoke of emotional beliefs and how they affect us, and of how to work with your emotional beliefs in a way that is healing and moves you toward greater joy in your lives.

Album cover art for Dimensional Realms, a channeling of Seth and Metatron, by Marina Michaels

September 18, 2009. Dimensional Realms: Finding Our Place in the Multiverse. The idea of different dimensions or time tracks is not a new one, and others have channeled or otherwise spoken on this topic a number of times, most notably Seth as channeled so capably by Jane Roberts. And the spirits I speak with have mentioned one aspect or another of dimensional existence in various ways over the years. This evening, Seth and Metatron spoke about reality and the existence of different dimensional realms—what they are, where they are, and how to access them. Includes a guided visualization.

October: Spooky Topics

October 2, 2009. Civilizations on Mars? This is another topic I've recently been interested in. There are a lot of images floating around on the Internet that seem to indicate structures. Are they? Was there a civilization on Mars? Or is there still one, perhaps in another dimension? The channeling was intense and powerful; unfortunately, the recording device was plugged into a power source that wasn't providing power, so no recording was made. However, I've briefly summarized the most important parts.

Album cover art for Spirit Possession, a channeling of Jesus, by Marina Michaels

October 16, 2009. Spirit Possession Spirit possession is a concern for many and an issue that can arise in many situations. I've spoken about it and written about it, and now I've channeled Jesus on it. The information he gave ranged beyond what I expected, explaining why “lost souls” are more common now than they ever have been, but also explaining why we have no reason to fear them.

November: This Year, Next Year

  • November 6, 2009. A Pot of Message. (Suggested by Metatron) What do our lives mean in the grand scheme of things? Metatron. Jesus, and Sophia spoke as a combined entity this evening, with Sophia to the forefront, pulling together the threads of the various themes addressed throughout the year and connecting them to our own lives and realities, summing it up with a message about our birthright. A unique guided visualization was given. (Note that I previously wanted to call this “What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been,” but a few days before the evening, I started getting the message that the evening's title should be “A Pot of Message.” During the channeling, I realized why.)
  • November 20, 2009. Looking Forward to 2010. (Suggested by Metatron) Metatron will talk about the spiritual challenges and opportunities coming up in 2010. Jesus may also speak this evening.

Private Evenings

Initially, I planned to hold private channelings during the year in addition to the public evenings. I planned some of the topics to complement the topics of a given month; others would stand on their own. However, much to my surprise, several of the planned private topics were covered in the public evenings.

  • March 2009. What Channeling Is and Isn't (see also my article on this topic) (suggested by Metatron) Parts one and two of this topic were provided during the March channelings.
  • April 2009. Ethics in the Modern World (suggested by Metatron) What ethics are, why they are important, and how they affect our daily lives. This was covered lightly yet elegantly in the April channelings. If you are interested in studying ethics, I encourage you to take my distance learning class on developing your psychic abilities.

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