What Students Are Saying About This Course

"I've had so much going on including some amazing things. I've definitely been doing a lot of spiritual growth." — L.R.

"I like your course on ethics very much." — J.

"I wanted to thank you again for hosting this course. I am only halfway through it and I really see big changes: I am finally enjoying the present. I am no longer stuck in the past, dreaming of a future that could have been. Thank you!" — G.B.

"I see how very important [the ethics portion] is and you are being very ethical in teaching it. I had a friend who was opening psychically so rapidly and yet her morals were not keeping up. ... She really needed an ethics course." — N.P.

"...I know you said things could whirlwind just from taking the class... my [low-hour] position ... is turning into 20 hours a week...! [My daughters] are being put on an "elite" track .... Apparently, having me in the office has helped the business tremendously and they are so grateful! I just never saw this path coming at me." — L.C.

"This has helped me understand who I really was and speedily put me on my soul's path. Life is so much more joyful when we 'know' our purpose." — G.B.

About Marina

I have three university degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an emphasis in Anthropology from Santa Clara University (a prestigious private Jesuit university), a Master of Library Science from San Jose State University, and a Master of Arts, Anthropology, with an emphasis in archaeology and linguistics, from University of Arizona, Tucson. I was also accepted into the PhD program at the University of Arizona's Anthropology department, though life took me in a different direction shortly after.

Since then, I have taken dozens of classes in a variety of subjects, and have been particularly interested in adult learning theory. I have written instructional materials for a large range of audiences. I have been a teaching assistant at the graduate school level, teaching one class a week, and was told many times that I was the best teaching assistant students had ever had.

In addition, I am a Reiki master. My Level I attunement was done by Beth Gray. Jeanine Sande did my Level II attunement, and Peggy Griffith did my Level III (master) attunement. You can find out more about me on this page, and more about the types of psychic readings I have done on this page.



Cover art for Developing Your Psychic AbilitiesOur next evolutionary step is to learn to use our inner senses to communicate and receive information in deeper ways at greater distances. We are born with these abilities, but often learn to ignore them.

What do I mean? I mean our intuitions, our hunches, those flashes of insight or awareness of knowing that we get—and we all get them, no matter who we are. These abilities are native to each of us and are our birthright.

We all eventually will need to learn to use these abilities fully and consciously—and perhaps sooner than we think. So why not start now?

I am offering a distance learning course that teaches you how to develop these abilities on your own time, at your own speed, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

But this course does much more than that. It takes you step by step through a process of self-examination and self-evaluation, in a light-handed, non-judgmental way, teaching you ways to have more courage, confidence, and strength in your life and your life decisions. By the end of this course, you will have a much clearer idea of who you are, what you want for yourself and others, how you want to be treated, and how you want to treat others.

In this course,

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for everyone! We all need to learn to use our inner senses just as well as we use our outer senses. For example, with all the information on the Internet, so much of it contradictory, how do you know what to trust, what to believe?

By developing your inner senses—that is, your psychic abilities—you will have a much greater awareness of the truth. You will be able to sort the truth with people around you, and you will be able to better spot the people you should trust and those you shouldn't. You'll come to know yourself better—perhaps a lot better—and you will have a much better idea of what your strengths are.

I warn you, though—this course is not easy or for the faint of heart. There's a lot to learn and the material is college level, demanding a lot of thought. You'll be looking at your beliefs and your ethical code (or developing one if you don't have one), and that can be challenging. Even if you are already using your psychic abilities, you'll be expanding your awareness. If you take advantage of the many free readings included with this course, those readings will also bring about changes in your life, and maybe you are comfortable where you are and don't want change.

Where and When Is the Course Held?

The course is held by email and over the Internet; it starts as soon as you send in payment. That means you take this course on your own schedule, when you want, wherever you are, without having to wait for a specific class start time. If you have been wanting to take a course like this, but felt you haven't had the time to go sit in a classroom somewhere, this is what you've been waiting for!

Because this is a correspondence course, you can do everything in the privacy of your own home, at your convenience, at the pace that suits you. (Though I do provide a recommended schedule for completing each lesson, and you have nine months to complete the course overall.) Having said that, I take a very personal, hands-on approach with each student, which means I am there with you, every step of the way, to offer advice, answer questions, give encouragement, and help you see how unique and talented you are.

What is the Course Like?

The course is written in an organized, friendly, interactive, personal way. It is filled with information and just enough references and resources to give you a firm foundation for developing your psychic abilities without feeling overwhelmed by information overload. We all know just how much information there is out there! So many books, Web sites, and other resources! How to choose? Where to start? This course helps!

The course has nine lessons, each of which is designed to take just a few hours of your time.

As a bonus, some of the digital albums from the 2009 channeling series on reclaiming your birthright as a human and spiritual being are included at no additional cost in this course. These albums normally sell for $10 each.

In addition, you get an original full-color chakra balancing card set for free (as a printable PDF), plus a booklet that distills many years of chakra research into a clear, understandable, useful form.

What You Learn and Do in This Course

This course starts with some meaty topics that many psychic classes shy away from, such as ethics, spirituality, and beliefs, and how they affect your psychic abilities. It then dives into the fundamentals of what psychics do, the tools they use to do it, what being psychic means, and how to use your psychic abilities in fulfilling, useful, practical, everyday ways, as well as some special ways.

When you take this course, you

Each lesson is 10 to 30 pages in length (8½" x 11")—over 180 pages in all—beautifully and professionally formatted with full-color photos. Each lesson has a small, carefully selected list of recommendations for further study.

The individual classes are

You'll also receive, at no extra charge, the Portable Chakra Kit, which is a printable, full-color PDF of cards you can use for balancing your chakras, with an accompanying, truly unique booklet on the chakras.

Things May Change In Your Life

Because of the course content, this class may well get things moving in your life. Here is a quotation from the first lesson:

“The work required in this course is connected to the energies of your being. As you do this work, it may stir things up. Your inner life, and therefore your outer life, may change in unexpected ways. … In some cases, these changes will be welcome, like a fresh rain after a long dry spell, or like the sun after a long period of rain. You may find that you are less judgmental and more accepting of others. You may find that you are more able to see the big picture, or more able to accept things that bothered you before. You may find that things are more illuminated for you, or make more sense.”

Of course, sometimes those changes can be challenging, and I talk about that in the first lesson as well

I am very excited about this class and very pleased, honored, humbled, delighted, and sometimes surprised by what my students have been sharing with me. I have gotten to know each student in unexpected ways, all of which have warmed my heart. I look forward to the possibility of having you as my student too!

Frequently Asked Questions

When I announced this to a list of people who have attended my channelings, purchased my albums, had readings with me, or otherwise have shown their support, I received a lot of interest and a number of questions.

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as I receive your payment. At that time, I email you the first class in PDF format. It's that easy!

Will I be taking the course with other people?

Yes and no. There are other people taking the course, but because the scheduling is up to you, you may be on a different part of the course than others.

I have created a Yahoo group so people can ask questions, share stories, and help each other if they want, but joining the group is completely voluntary. However, other students gain a lot from your insights, so I encourage participation.

How long does it take to complete the course?

You have nine months to complete the course. I recommend allowing yourself two weeks per class, but some lessons might take a bit more time, so if you need to take more time for a lesson, that is entirely up to you.

Do I need to attend anything in person?

Not at all. This is all done by email and on the Internet. Though if you are local and want to meet me, I’d love to meet you too!

Do I have to wait until a particular time to start the course?

Again, not at all. You can sign up right now and get started right away.

How much is it?

For the summer of 2014 only, I am offering this course for $297—that's $400 off the normal price of $697. Worth every penny at $697, it is a bargain-basement steal at $297. This price expires when summer ends, so sign up now!

In addition to the content provided in this course,

With the digital albums, plus the high-quality, professionally prepared course materials, plus my personal attention, plus the chakra card set, plus everything else, you have something worth far more than the course price.

The course contents themselves, and the changes they may effect in your life, could be priceless.

I’m in! How do I get started?

Send a check or money order for $697 $297 to the following address, or pay through PayPal using my email address ( or the button below.

Marina Michaels
2467 Westvale Court
Santa Rosa, California, 95403

Be sure to include your email address. As soon as your payment is received, I will email you your first lesson, and your big adventure begins!


P. S.

I hope the course content is interesting, compelling, and new to you, and as much fun for you as it was for me to create. There are required and optional reading materials, things to listen to (or read the transcripts of), questionnaires to fill out, and fun things to try. I have put an enormous amount of work into developing this course, and I will spend many hours working closely and individually with you to help you get the most out of each lesson.

Much of the course content is based in my experience and my beliefs; however, unlike many teachers, I respect your right to have your own beliefs, and present my beliefs as just that—as my beliefs, not as the beliefs "everyone" should have. My experiences and the conclusions I have drawn from them are presented within the context of a lesson's content and are given as guidelines; I don't expect you to have the same experiences or to necessarily draw the same conclusions.

This course can change your life; it has already changed the lives of those who have completed it, not in small ways, but in big ones. Sometimes people aren't ready for that much change, though, and so I will understand if you decide, after the first lesson, that it isn't for you. In that case, I will give you a full refund. After I send you the second lesson, I cannot offer a refund, but I can offer a one-time transfer of the class from you to another person—perhaps a friend or family member you think might enjoy having their life rocket-boosted into new heights of awareness, joy, and love.