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Contacting Marina


My Web site has from 20,000 to almost 50,000 visitors a month. I think you can imagine the volume of email I receive. I would love to respond to every email I receive, but I have too much for one person to handle. However, because this Web site is a labor of love, I can't afford to hire someone to answer my email messages for me.

Therefore, I cannot promise that I will answer all emails. I ask for your understanding and foregiveness in this matter if you write and never hear from me. You can maximize your chances of getting a response if you send your email to one of the email addresses in the following list.

If you... Please send email to Comments
want to discuss a job opportunity with me


have a question or request regarding cats, kitty litter, and cat health that you wish a response to, and it is urgent

Please note that I am not a veterinarian, nor am I a cat health care professional, so I cannot and will not answer medical questions. For such questions, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this advice: Consult your veterinarian immediately if you have any concerns about your cat's health.

have urgent questions regarding psychic concerns, or wish to request a reading,

If you want a reading, I would be happy to accept.

It can be useful to read my description of what a reading involves and how much it costs before sending a request. It can also be helpful, but isn't necessary, to read my article on what channeling is.

do not need a reply to your email

I will try to reply anyway. :-) And thank you for understanding!

have a general question that you wish a response to, but you do not need a quick answer

Please be patient and be prepared to wait a while. Re-send email in a month if you don't get an answer.

are corresponding about my genealogy pages

Additional genealogy information is private and shared by common consent only; I don't make it public to everyone.

If you don't hear from me and you really need an answer, please re-send your query. Thank you for your patience.

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