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How Do You Know Whether You Can Channel?

I am often asked how one can learn to channel or, even more basically, how does one know whether one can channel.

The simplest answer is, just try it, and see if anything comes to you. I believe that channeling is actually just another form of communication, a form that we all must learn eventually. You might as well start practicing now.

But before you start, ask for spiritual contacts and guidance. When you do so, specify that you only want contact with the very highest, most worthy and loving spirits possible (because there are evil spirits out there, and I am sure you don’t want contact with them!). If there is a human being you trust that you can ask for advice and guidance, then that is also wise to do, though, as always, I caution you to be your own authority, and to listen to what is in your heart. No matter who someone is, if what he or she says doesn't feel right or sound right to you, then trust your own instincts and intuition and do what you feel is right instead.

Then, to try your hand at channeling, it is probably easiest to start by asking for guidance on or answers to some specific questions or issues you have. Set aside some time when you are rested and won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed (though, contrary to popular fiction, a darkened room and incense are not required), have some paper and a pencil handy (or some kind of sound recording equipment), and ask your first question. I don’t recommend using a computer to record your questions and answers because, in my own experience, the process of typing interferes to a small extent with the ability to listen to the information coming through.

After you ask your question, listen internally for any kind of answer or response. It might come as words, images, tastes, sounds, or just a “knowing” or sudden presence of information that wasn’t there before. Whatever the answer, spend a bit of time with the answer, exploring it, thinking about it, and perhaps asking further questions of it, to see if more information comes through, then record the answer either by taking notes on paper or recording it by voice. If you are very brave and feel lead to do so, you can speak your question aloud, then speak the answer as or right after you receive it.

It is actually a good sign if the information feels like it is coming from a source that is not you. It is also a very good sign if the information source feels warm, loving, and vast.

Don’t spend too much time on one question, though. Keep asking. Stop when you are tired. Try it again when you are rested.

Initially, you may not get any answers, or they may be short or unclear. Don’t worry about it. In this case, practice is a very good thing. Just keep practicing. You will get better at it.

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