This brief channeling came to me while I was driving, and so is incomplete. There is one note from me enclosed within brackets in the channeled text, and an afterword, also by me. Otherwise, everything before "Afterword" is channeled information.

Also, a word on the tone of this channeling. The wording or tone of this channeling is not as neutral as I usually am when channeling, and I chalk this up to "operator error": I was driving and therefore could not clear my own opinions and energies on the matter from the channeling. I like to think that I have become more natively neutral since I did this channeling, though you will have to judge for yourself by checking out some of my more recent channelings.

Please be sure to see my disclaimer.

HIV, or AIDS as you know, is not spread by body-to-body contact, but is instead spread by soul-to-soul contact, as indeed are all diseases.

Just as there were those who could move, unharmed, among those who had contracted what you call the Black Death, even so are those who can move, unaffected, among those who have contracted the AIDS syndrome or concept.

[Unchanneled note: One thing about AIDS that I did not know when I channeled this information: There are people, mostly of Northern European descent and probably descendants of those who were exposed to or possibly even survived the Black Death, who are genetically immune to AIDS. In one article I read, these people constitute an estimated 13% to 26% of the US population, though another said perhaps 10% of whites of European descent have this gene.]

I use the term "contracted" deliberately, for it carries within it the seeds of one foul truth: That your US government, in its insane and paranoid attempt to rub out what it sees as all its enemies, which in fact are not, could not be, but are instead people who are of innocent intent (most of them), and in the doing so is in fact bringing about its own downfall, "put out a contract" on those enemies; contracted with a small dark band, a brotherhood, which had its own intentions and agenda which dovetailed nicely with those of its putative, but not in fact real, government.

There is another meaning to the term "contracted," and that is that those who exhibit the symptoms of AIDS have created an agreement, or a contract, with both the disease and the thought-construct that manifests it. It is much like a marriage, and there have been stirrings of truth behind the dis-ease many feel when they think of those with AIDS, or of those who have been historically most at risk for contracting AIDS, getting married. It is as though the outward signs of a commitment between two such souls has caused others to look at their own deep fears of commitment.

And yes, the vast majority of those who marry have no real sense of what a commitment is or how to make it, and so the "breakdown" of the human family as it is today reflects that lack. This is not to say that those who remained married for years are any holier or more committable, for they are not.

In fact, most of them are so far removed still, by their own denials in spirit, from facing the depths of the meaning of commitment, that they are blind, oblivious to the sound, even, of their own fear that prevents them from melding truly with another soul. You have a saying, which is quite apt, concerning being invited to dinner: The guests have an agreement, but the poor chicken on the plate is committed.

And in truth, that "poor chicken" is in some ways blending its life force with yours, and so it continues, just as you do, though not in the same form. Though, for that matter, neither do you — continue in the same form. You are altered, just as surely as the chicken is altered, and as irrevocably, by partaking of the chicken.


This is where the channeling ended. Although I did not choose to get more channeled/translated information, I did receive a lot of direct information while receiving and translating this portion. The direct information included the following: Some people in our government, out of fear, made a bond or pact with a group of people whom they thought were allies—in fact, whom they thought were a part of the government, albeit a secret one—but who in fact have their own allegiances and agenda, which includes destroying the US government. As part of that pact, our government allowed this group to create and unleash the AIDS virus on humanity, with specific groups targeted as the most vulnerable.

Why are they doing this? All their reasons stem out of fear. In part, they seek to control others. In part, they feel that they have the right to dictate life styles. In part, they wish to reduce the human population, and this was one perceived way to do it. Their belief is that the enormous population growth can only be a detrimental thing to the earth, and therefore they must control and reduce the population in whatever way they can. Notice how none of these reasons include trusting in God or other spiritual beings to help us, or trusting that there is a positive spiritual reason for the increase in population.

"By their works shall ye know them." By this, the Bible means that you can discern what a person's intentions are by the results of their actions. People tend to judge others and the world by their own intentions, and to behave accordingly. When someone intends harm, they will often strike out first to prevent others from harming them. In this case, you can see that the intentions of those who unleashed AIDS are evil because their works are evil.

However, when channeling this information, I knew that even though people will try to do harm, they cannot, truly, harm other spirits without their consent. One can only consent to harm; it can never be thrust upon one. That consent may not seem conscious, but at some point it was. We just hide the moment of decision from ourselves for various reasons. We can recover the ability to remember these moments of decision and of creating our reality by practicing being conscious and aware. Also, by clarifying our own intentions so that we are clean in our hearts toward ourselves and others, we can avoid making decisions to harm ourselves.

For a bit more on conspiracies and whatnot, see The Truth in Ten Minutes or Less.

The part about the chicken and commitment seemed pretty funny to me, but also thought-provoking. The idea that, in partaking of any food, you are changed irrevocably is not necessarily a comfortable one for some, which might explain why we don't think much about it. For many people, then, it is even more uncomfortable to think that committing ourselves in a relationship means changing irrevocably. Better, and safer, to remain the same by not committing ourselves in the first place.