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The Truth in Ten Minutes or Less

by Marina Michaels

After years of channeling and practicing my psychic abilities, I have come to a point where I think I know a little bit about a lot of things. I have often wondered about a wide variety of topics—what is the truth, what is a lie?—especially where there are conflicting stories, information, disinformation, misinformation, and straight-out lies being told for fun and profit.

So I've decided to contribute my own version of what is happening in the world. Mind you, I am going to make this as quick and painless as possible, so I won't provide a lot of background or detailed explanations, and I also don't expect anyone to believe any or all of this just because I said so. (For more on the topic of trusting yourself, see The Moral Compass: Seeking Spiritual Guidance in an Uncertain World.)

Here are the topics I cover in this essay:

  1. Aliens
  2. Conspiracies of many sorts
  3. Jesus and the cross


Yes, there are aliens. No, they are not all the same. Some have good intentions toward humankind, and some do not. Regarding those that do not: Just because they are technologically more advanced than we are, that doesn't mean they are spiritually more advanced than we are. The very fact that they try to override our free will is proof that they have a long way to go, spiritually speaking.

Many aliens are trying to indoctrinate humanity through various ways to convince humans that climbing aboard the alien spaceships and allowing ourselves to be carried off by them is the greatest boon any being has ever offered us. Don't believe them. If you are here on earth, this is where you belong. If you had wanted to be on another planet, you would have chosen to incarnate there.

If you want to leave this planet because you think it is hopelessly screwed up environmentally, socially, politically, or all of the above, ask yourself the following two questions: "Who screwed it up?" And, "Who is responsible for cleaning it up?" Hint: The answer to both questions includes yourself. (For some easy things you can do to help the environment, see Making a Difference: Helping Yourself and Your Environment.)

In summary: Whatever information comes your way about aliens, look inside yourself to your own inner guidance to determine the truth and what you should do about it.


Yes, there are conspiracies. Yes, there are a LOT of them, with circles within circles of secret societies and so on. Yes, there are those who have bad intentions toward humanity, who want to rule the world, who think the world is in trouble and think they know better than the individual does what is good for each of us and how to fix the world's problems.

It boils down to trust: Do we trust each other and ourselves to make good decisions that benefit ourselves, humanity, and the planet, or do we think that "everyone else" is screwed up and likely to do wrong, while "only we" know what is right and good? Those who do not trust are those who are most likely to participate in conspiracies. (They are also most likely to advocate gun control and the removal of the United States' second amendment, which guarantees the individual the right to keep and bear arms—because they are sure that, given a gun, a person will automatically go nuts and go on a killing spree. The facts, which prove otherwise, don't seem to affect these people. Though when it comes right down to it, those who are most untrusting seem to be the ones most prone to rampage when given guns. For some good information on the Second Amendment, see

However, even though there are conspirators, the truth is that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because of two things:

  1. You have free will and are constantly creating your reality. Creating your reality is done on many levels, starting from the inside, with your beliefs, and moving outward to the choices you make in physical reality based on those beliefs. You make internal choices based on your beliefs—these choices are often made in the dream state or on a conscious level, but you quickly forget them. You also make conscious choices that you remember, such as how involved you become in making sure that your government is accountable to you. If you don't like what is happening and you live in a democracy, write or call your representatives and tell them what you want from them. Even one letter makes a difference. If you live in a country where this kind of political action doesn't work, find out what kind of political action does work and do it.
  2. There is a greater spiritual reality that supercedes these conspiracies, that makes sure that even these conspiracies and the conspirators are being treated in a loving manner so that when the world split is completed, everyone will be in their right place. (I will write more on the world split in another essay.) The conspirators will be in a place that is comfortable to them and that minimizes their fears while maximizing their awareness of and ability to express love, and the rest of us will be in other places that are comfortable for us and that minimize our fears and maximize our awareness of and ability to express love. (For some channeling on HIV, or AIDs, and world conspiracies, see A Brief Channeling on AIDS.)

In summary: Whatever information comes your way about conspiracies, look inside yourself to your own inner guidance to determine the truth and what you should do about it. Do be aware that although most people do have good intentions, sometimes those good intentions are buried very deeply under fears and wrong ideas of how to go about implementing those good intentions, and some people (a very small percentage of humanity) are just out-and-out planning death and destruction for those around them. Also, not everyone you meet who seems to be in human form has a human soul.

Jesus on the Cross

Yes, Jesus died on the cross. It just wasn't THE Jesus that everyone means when they refer to Jesus. Instead, another who volunteered chose that path. Jesus the Christ, the enlightened one, the one everyone thinks of when we say "Jesus," taught an inner circle of people advanced truths about reality, and he didn't think it would be wise to continue to fight Rome and its power at the time, especially after the traitor Paul, who was a Roman spy, became a part of the outer circle.

So instead he faked his own death. This answers a lot of quesions, including

None of this takes anything away from the truth about Jesus, which is that he was a master and a great spiritual teacher. In fact, it makes more sense that he arranged such an event and then took his inner circle away so they could continue teaching the truth. (Those of the outer circle of teachings were allowed to believe, along with everyone else, that "the" Jesus had died on the cross.)

So instead what Jesus did was to remove himself from the area where he was well-known—he and all of his inner circle who so wished to move. This includes his brothers and sisters and his wife and children. Yes, he had children. Yes, his blood line continues down to this day. Some of his bloodline eventually ended up in the south of France, and migrated various places from there. Do I personally know of anyone of his bloodline? Yes, I do. But I'm not telling.

Some of his inner circle went to England, where they started their own mystery schools. Later, a Welsh man continued these schools, in which his students, male and female both, learned mysteries of life and death and mastery over the elements while living in harmony with nature. After death, he and his partner deliberately became the Green Man and the Lady of the Sea, two entities I have channeled.

There were some unfortunate consequences to this choice, including the fact that fear-mongers and control freaks have had a field day ever since with trying to make people feel guilty (and therefore to make them more malleable to manipulation and control). However, one of Jesus's primary teachings to everyone was to learn that they were living in a universe with a loving spiritual being as parent (god/goddess), and to learn therefore to trust themselves, their experiences, and their inner sense of knowing. Being exposed to those who were trying to teach them otherwise gave them wonderful opportunities to be responsible for themselves and for their own thoughts and to refuse to be controlled or manipulated. The same wonderful opportunities exist today.

In summary: There are great and wonderful mysteries in this world, and none of them is inaccessible. With a good heart and good intentions, you can access any kind of information you seek. It may take a while and it may take removing some preconceptions and fears you have, but it is all there to know. Venture forth and be free.

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