Table of Contents for the Atlantean Articles

Atlantis did not have just one origin. It arose as a human civilization on this planet, but was also influenced by at least one influx of settlers from another planet. (I fully realize that, if I had any shred of credibillity left at this point in the eyes of some after even daring to consider the possibility that Atlantis really existed, I may have just lost it for those people; for the brave and curious rest of you, whom I have not yet lost, thanks for your vote of confidence.)

I don't know a lot about the rise of that early human civilization—I have neither seen it psychically, nor have I read anything that rang true. Rudolph Steiner wrote of it in his book called The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria: their History and Civilization, being chapters from the Akashic Records (published in 1911 by the Theosophical Society), but although I have read it, much of it did not ring as truth on the physical plane. It may well represent some spiritual and possibly even physical truths, though, and perhaps another time I will address that book in more depth.

Ceanne de Rohan addresses Atlantis in her excellent series that starts with the book called Right Use of Will, but I do not remember which book (and anyway, the entire series must be read completely and in order). Still, again, she doesn't say much, and unfortunately, because of the issues her books try to address, in any case she dwells on the negative rather than the positive.

Someday I may attempt myself to psychically get more information about the rise of that early ancient civilization. I know more about what the civilization was like once it was a going concern, and I will address that in a later posting. This posting is just about its origins.

Next, as I mentioned, there was contact from an alien society. This information I have first hand, in a manner of speaking, since it comes from my own memories. Before I proceed, though, I want to make it clear that it is my belief that Atlantean technology was almost entirely created by humans, with some refining touches added by contact with aliens who were not our superiors, but our equals. In some ways, humans had superior abilities and technologies. The aliens brought some new ideas and new approaches, but were in no way conquerors, rulers, or vastly superior to humanity at the time.

Aliens Among Us

My earliest recollection of Atlantis is from a memory, just a fragment, really, from a lifetime lived perhaps 30,000 years ago. I base the time estimate on the fact that I saw in my memory the image of XXX, which I took to mean an indication of time, and which I further took to mean 30,000 years.

Logically, it could mean 10 x 10 x 10, or 1,000, but that is clearly too small a number. It could also be taken to mean 30 of some unit other than a thousand, such as 100 (thus, 3,000), but intuitively it felt right to me that it meant 30,000.

In that memory, I found myself on another planet inhabited, perhaps improbably in the eyes of some, by people who look quite human. They looked so in my memory, and I will stick with that for now, though I believe there may have been some differences that I do not see in my memory, either because in my memory, I am of course seeing everyone as I knew them, or am interpreting what I see in human terms. Probably, in the end, both are true, for I do think, as you will see in a bit, that what we (on that planet) were was not entirely human (nor could we be), nor entirely of this dimension.

Our society on that planet was quite civilized, and we knew no war or agresssion. Individuals were allowed and encouraged to fully express their talents, so there were no frustrated poets or artists or any other such, but instead everyone followed their own unique path to happiness. To say that the civilization was in some ways an Eden would be to hit very close to the mark. However, in some ways we were quite innocent, and when we came to Earth, things changed among us.

One of our technologies was the ability to work with crystals, which we thought of as brothers and sisters in spirit, and with which we communicated telepathically. In so communicating, we could teach/program a crystal so that it would be able to accomplish a variety of tasks. It was a cooperative venture; just as with the "humans" in the civilization, the crystals were never coerced, nor were they treated as machines or slaves. However, their ability to work upon the physical plane manifested differently than ours, and so to a certain extent we used them, as they could not move about themselves. Again, though, they gladly cooperated with us with whatever we wished to do with them, and if they did not wish to be used in some manner, they were not. Different minerals had different interests, and I will someday go more into that aspect of stones and crystals.

My talents lay in the areas of teaching/programming crystals. I was also something like a librarian, though what constituted libraries and information storage facilities, and what constituted retrieval of that information, were so different from what we have today that only the concepts of storing information and having a trained specialist for retrieving that information remain the same. The closest one might come today to describing what I did then is to compare it with my ability to tune intuitively into what I think of as the vast library of information that is available to anyone who takes the time and has enough interest to develop the ability to do so. And, of course, the similarity is not lost on me and I do think that my current abilities stem from that long-ago lifetime.

In this memory fragment, I was teaching/programming a crystal for use in a spaceship. (The crystal would provide the motive power for the spaceship.) A group of us, very excited, optimistic, and cheerful, was preparing to go to another planet to colonize, to settle, to teach whoever we might find there; I believe we already knew where we were going (Earth) and what we would find there (an existing, highly-developed civilization), though I wouldn't swear to that part. Initially, I did not plan to go, but as I progressed with my task of teaching/programming the crystal (which was quite large—a single crystal that was about five feet long and about three feet in diameter), I was caught up in the excitement and decided, almost literally at the last moment, to go along.

Interestingly, that is where that particular memory fragment ends. I have no recollection of the journey, nor of the arrival, nor of life on Earth afterward. However, I have since gotten some pieces of information about Atlantis from readings I've done for others, and also directly from some of the few spirits from that enclave who are still around to work with humans.

What the Aliens Found

The aliens came and encountered a group of people who had a close working knowledge of the elements and of nature—the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans, however, did not communicate consciously with the spirits of nature in the same way as the aliens, but nonetheless had an intuitive understanding at such a deep and cellular level that they were able to, for example, smooth their hands over hard stone and shape it however they liked. (And they did.) Part of this attunement to nature arose out of the fact that they, the Atlanteans, were native to this planet and therefore arose out of the same spiritual and physical substances as all other matter that was on the planet at the time. (There has now been introduced matter and even lifeforms from other planets, but that is not the topic of this essay.)

There was an instant affinity between the two groups—the Atlanteans and the aliens—because of this similarity in approach to nature. What the aliens added, and taught, was the idea that all things in nature had a conscious awareness that could be communicated with, thus raising those things of nature to the level of near-partners in the Atlantean civilization. Unfortunately, the Atlanteans took on the attitude of the aliens that, although the things of nature were entities to be respected in their own right, nonetheless, the Atlanteans and aliens were still somehow superior to them and therefore had the right to act as caretakers and stewards over the other things of nature—including crystals, other kinds of stones, plants, animals, and even those races of humanity whose spiritual and psychic understandings, as well as whose native civilizations, were not as developed as those of the Atlanteans and aliens.