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Private Psychic Readings: Rates and Information

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Here is a list of the types of personal, private psychic readings and spiritual healing sessions that I offer and what they cost.

What Kinds of Sessions Do I Offer?

Normally, I prefer to channel in front of groups and leave my private psychic life just that—private. However, I do offer private readings for those who have been persistent enough to discover how to request them.

Note: I do not make a living as a psychic. Instead, I have a "day job" as a self-employed person working in a highly technical field.

These kinds of readings and sessions are available:

  1. Private Channeled/Psychic Sessions for One or Two People
  2. Private Channeled/Psychic Sessions for Groups
  3. Private Spiritual Healing Sessions

Starfish Private Channeled/Psychic Sessions for One or Two People Starfish

In these readings, I "tune in" to you and also ask the Universe at large for information that is helpful and relevant to you. Basically, I get information psychically from you and from spirits who wish to provide you with information, as well as from what I term the Internet in the Sky; a kind of vast databank of information that can be accessed very much like accessing the Internet through Google, only perhaps with better focus.

If it is appropriate, I might also speak directly for whatever entity or entities wish to speak to you; in other words, I might get a message for you and speak it as a translator might. I will do this as long as the entities are of the Light and of good intent. I have, for example, passed along a number of messages from departed parents and grandparents. (I was once honored by a communication with a Lakota Sioux Grandfather, who spoke a longish phrase in Lakota to me to pass on to his grandson. Which I did, though I confess I felt a bit nervous as I had no idea what the phrase meant, if anything. It turned out it was a greeting, which the grandson understood and returned. I am not always that good!)

Reading People

My specialty is in part the ability to see into your heart and mind; to read you like a book, to coin a phrase. I am usually able to provide information on where you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, how you got there (including other lifetime that are relevant, or events from earlier in this lifetime), and some possible paths to continue on if you are feeling stuck. I am also fairly good at reading probabilities (i.e., what is most likely to happen in the future); although nothing is set in stone, the steps you have taken to arrive at where you are now do have some influence on where you are going next.

What's in a Reading?

Part of a reading can and often does include a a spiritual healing. These healings are always unique for each person.

In addition to the psychic end of it, as well as any channeling, private readings also include advice and information from my own experiences, though of course it is always up to you to decide what to do with the information.

The content of each session varies according to your needs and according to how I am guided to respond. Sometimes, there is no channeling involved at all. Some people are disappointed with this and want to just get a channeling, and I try to accommodate them if possible, but sometimes I am told specifically by the spirits not to provide channeled information to the person I am doing the reading for. If you wish a reading, please be open and flexible to it being whatever it becomes, and trust that my intention is to bring you the very highest, best, and most loving information possible in whatever form is most appropriate for you at the time. I will be honest with you if I do not "get" something, and I will do my best to work with you in honesty and integrity in bringing through the clearest information I can. I am not great with getting names, lottery numbers, or the like, but I am excellent at perceiving and understanding human nature and speaking to difficulties with a gentle and loving heart.

In other words, you get a reading that is unique to you. I don't do any "canned" stuff or say the same thing to every person (though there are some facts of life that don't change). Because of this, the reading may be entirely channeled or may be entirely a psychic reading (where I tune into you and "read" your current soul purpose and state of being), or a combination of the two. I reserve the right to throw in some plain common sense and my own opinions. You are equally free to ignore everything I say.

The Types of Readings I Give

The kinds of readings I do include what I call a "whole life" reading, in which, with guidance, I access one or more of your core life issues. Often, these life issues cut across more than one lifetime and are holding you back or are causing confusion or distress in several lifetimes, including this one. It may be that your life on the whole is fine, but you just feel that there could be more. Or, it could be you've reached a crisis point and you don't know where to turn, or what to do next, or you want some clarity on what is going on or why it is happening. I also can usually access information about your strengths and your chosen purposes for this lifetime.

Because of my connection with Metatron, who, I believe, is the primary source of information in this process, these whole life readings can permanently heal long-standing spiritual issues. However, although this may sound intense, these readings are relaxed, loving, and gentle. You may hardly know that you have moved so much energy (in New Age talk, that means healed spiritually) until you find that things look or feel or are different for you, or you gently realize you are moving forward once again (or more quickly) in your spiritual development.

Rates for Private Readings

Normally, for phone or in-person readings, I schedule one or two hours. The rate for a private reading (whether by phone or in person) is as follows:

This gets you my undivided attention and my utmost efforts to get good information for you during the length of the session, plus a recording of the session if you so desire (which takes me an additional hour to prepare, though I don't charge for that time). Also, you get the master and only copy of the recording, or, if you are very privacy conscious, I won't record the session at all. As always, I throw in for free my absolute vow that I will honor and respect your privacy. I will never, ever sell or even reveal your name or contact information to anyone. I don't even keep records of those who consult me for readings—that's how much I value your privacy.

I define an "hour" as 50-70 minutes, so a one-hour reading can take up to 70 minutes without costing any more, and a two-hour reading can take up to 140 minutes. If the reading takes less time than 50 minutes for a one-hour reading or 100 minutes for a two-hour reading, it costs less, subtracting $1.95 for each minute under 50 or 100. (Note, however, that I will not schedule readings for less than an hour.)

If a reading takes more time than 70 minutes for a one-hour reading or 140 minutes for a two-hour reading, I charge more, adding $1.95 for each minute over 70 or 140 minutes. In those cases where the reading goes over, I always give you a choice of continuing (and paying more) or ending the reading when the time limit is reached. So, for example, should a one-hour reading take an hour and 20 minutes (80 minutes total), the cost would be $117 plus $19.95 for the additional ten minutes above the 70 allowed, for a total of $136.95.

Email Readings

If you wish an email reading, I can do that too. Email readings go like this: You send a question or a set of questions, and I tune in and answer them, either by email or by recording the answer, whichever seems appropriate; if they are shorter answers, email (rather than recording them) is usually best. Email readings are done at $1.95 per minute, so, for example, if it only takes 15 minutes for me to read your email, tune in to you and the Universe, and respond with the answers, the fee would be US $29.25. You can set a limit on how much time you want me to spend to keep it from going over your budget; for example, you could send 20 questions, but ask me to answer only as many of them as I can in an hour, or only to spend an hour total on answering them all. (Though if you want to spend an hour, a phone session would be better.)

Preparing for a Reading

There isn't much you need to do to prepare for a reading.

That's about it for preparing yourself for a session with me.

Starfish Private Channeled/Psychic Sessions for Groups Starfish

These readings are pretty much the same as private sessions, only for a group. Generally this means a message channeled for the entire group, with (sometimes, depending on group size) private messages as they come through for some or all of the people present, and sometimes even short individual readings or spiritual healings for some or all present.

My rate for small groups (up to 30 people) is US$550 (negotiable for non-profit groups or groups who are contributing in some positive way to the welfare of the world; for larger groups, the agreement varies according to circumstances). This gets you my undivided attention and presence for four hours, plus a recording of the session on CDs, with tracks for the different parts of the session. The same privacy vow I make for individual readings applies to any private group readings I give.

Starfish Private Spiritual Healing Sessions Starfish

In these sessions, I apply my skills and knowledge, with the help of entities who are experts at healing, to helping people locate and resolve issues that are causing difficulties in their lives. This includes removing injurious energies and images that other entities (including other humans currently in bodies) have attached to the person receiving the session. Private spiritual healing sessions almost always involve a psychic reading as well as the energy work.

My rate for private spiritual healing sessions is the same as for private readings.

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Should You Schedule a Session?

This is a trick question, of course. I would never tell anyone that they "should" get a reading or channeling or spiritual healing from me or from anyone else. It is entirely and completely up to you and you alone to decide whether this is something you are led to.

I have been told by some psychics that my spiritual healing sessions are "pretty intense" (though others find them quite gentle), so my sessions are definitely not necessarily for everyone. (The same goes for my channeled sessions on tape and CD.) They go best when there is a fairly high level of awareness and desire to learn on the part of the person receiving the reading, because I work from a pretty high level of truth.

However, those who come to me for private readings have often commented on how gentle and acceptable the process has been. One person who received a spiritual healing during a private reading started to notice slight changes right away, in a gentle way, but didn't start to realize the full strength of the changes until later. In his words,

"I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you [during my reading] back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!"

(More comments.)

Along these lines, I feel I should explain a bit more about what my readings are—and what they aren't. An Indian friend of mine (a card reader from India) once told me that the majority of people consulting her just needed someone to tell them what to do—whether that was to consult a lawyer or see a doctor or whatever; they didn't want to think about the information they received in their readings, and they certainly didn't want to make their own decisions or be responsible for themselves.

However, that is not the kind of reading I do. I genuinely believe in a spiritual existence that encompasses our reality, and I believe we get spiritual information and assistance when we need it. What we do with that information is up to us, and we can (and often do) ignore perfectly good information because we are not ready to hear it. (I include myself in that statement!) However, I believe that if someone contacts me for a reading, they are ready to hear what comes through, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to improve themselves and their lives. I do not believe that I do anything to them or for them; instead, I am able to bring through information and energies for them that they can then use as they like.

My readings reflect this belief and orientation. Spirits and psychics have specialties and interests; the spirits I work with, as am I, are most interested in people's spiritual welfare and in their overall advancement as a spirit, and that is the kind of information they (my Sources) give and that I get psychically. Although I certainly can and do get information on jobs and relationships, that information is almost always at the very least tinged with the spiritual aspect of the job or relationship. I do not generally give "yes/no" answers to such questions as "Will I get this job?" or "Will my relationship last?" because

(A) there are many variables to consider, and because of those variables and free will, the future is not set in stone, so I can only give a probability reading ("90% yes," or "80% no," for example)


(B) such questions themselves require (at least from my perspective) considering how the job or the relationship will affect the person's ultimate spiritual advancement.

If these are not the kinds of answers a person wants to receive from me, that is perfectly fine. Also, if you have another psychic who is compatible with you, one with whom you are quite happy, then I encourage you to continue to consult that psychic.

The bottom line is that you follow your heart, whether your heart leads you to me or to any other psychic. If a reading with me is what you want, truly want, and not because you think you "should" or (worse yet) because someone else thinks you "should," then by all means arrange for a session.

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How To Arrange and Pay for a Session

If you would like a private session, email me with your phone number (or email me asking for my phone number), and we'll arrange a session by phone. For contact information, see my contact information page. I am sorry I cannot just include my email address on this page, but spammers have sophisticated tools that allow them to "harvest" email addresses from Web pages.

To pay for the reading, you can just send me a check after the reading. Or, if you prefer to use a credit card, you can click on the PayPal logo (again, after the reading), which takes you to a very safe and secure pay page.

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Copyright © 2003 by Marina Michaels. All rights reserved. For reprint rights, comments, or just to say "hi," please see my contact information page.

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